Beautiful Creatures

by Rejoice the Awakening

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released July 11, 2010



all rights reserved


Rejoice the Awakening Jacksonville, Florida


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Track Name: In Reference to a Whale Shark
This is my constant struggle. This is where we stand to fight. All this time of going nowhere. This all ends tonight. Don't you tell me who I'm supposed to be. You speak without a single thought. I will decide how this will end. Silence will be your only choice. I will break every inch of your ever moving jaw. Tell me I am more than they say I am. Make me believe I can get this right. I have become the lies they always tell. Change me, make me something new.
Track Name: Drowning Man
You're the only beauty in this desert I call home. The drowning man has the upper hand. Fighting for one last breath, the ocean welcomes him in. This has become relentless. Resistance now ends. Refuse the fight. Reverse the night. Break down these walls you've built inside. Believe me beyond the mountains. Trust me beneath the ocean. Pick up the pace. We're running in circles now. Striving for a life we've already lost. Look back to know how it all started only to see just how much it cost. This battle is in the hearts of men and we won't make it out alive. Pray for victory. (Hands held high.) Believe me beyond the mountains. Trust me beneath the ocean. (Hands held high.)
Track Name: Falling Asleep to Flashing Lights
Innocence has become a crime. These late nights and photographs have made a mess of me. I know that I will never sleep until I breathe sincerity. Sincerity. All this time I've been running from myself. Always trying to get out of every single conversation about the shattered man I've become. I am slowly becoming what I've always hated. You can see straight through this false self that I've created. You will become my past.
Track Name: Compromising My Composure
Our dollars last longer than our children breathe and any hope in what we've known is news to me. It's a battle for me to even care at all. A blank face shouting at a lifeless wall. How did you think this was going to end? Your voice is a noose. I'm hanging on each word. This time we both lose. Let's pretend we never were. Every time I try to make this right again you go and take it all away. But you'll never take all the love that I've known. I have hope greater than any have ever known.
Track Name: Beautiful Creatures
We break our backs for redemption, but replace our hope with blame. They took every chance we had before we were given a name. Everyday I realize that I'm just not enough and it tears me apart inside to think that I am still so broken. Broken. Make me your hands. I bow at your feet. I'm just a man. Set me free. What beautiful creatures we all could be if our fears and failures weren't all we could see. Make me your hands. I bow at your feet. I'm just a man. Set me free.